1701 Douglas St #6,
Victoria BC, V8W 0C1

Products in Our Store

We not only offer a full range of grocery, body care, house care, deli, local meats, cheeses and dairy, plus many Vegan products but we also pride ourselves in a diverse organic bulk food section. Here is a sampling of what we have, from the regular pantry needs to the unusual or hard to find items!

We also have a small stone grain grinder that you can use to grind any of our whole grains into a small amount of flour!

Baking Supplies:  
Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Redstar Nutritional Yeast, Engivita Yeast, Tapioca Starch, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour, Anita’s Unbleached White Flour, *Cornstarch, *Fairtrade Cane Sugar, *Sucanat, Himalayan Coarse and Fine Salt.

Teas, House Drink Blends 
We have several Certified Organic house made specialty tea blends and coffee substitutes that are unique to us and offer specific medicinal benefits.

Mintful Nettle: Peppermint, Spearmint, Nettles - this blend offers a refreshing taste and may help with digestion, nausea, cleansing and detox.

Tulsi Love: Holy Basil (tulsi), Lemon Verberna, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals, Damiana - this lovely blend not only tastes fantastic, it may help with depression, lack of motivation, low immune response, insomnia.

Super Chill: Holy Basil, Hops, Spearmint, Lavender - this delightful blend not only tastes great it almost has too many possible health benefits to list! This blend is specifically designed (as the name denotes!) to help calm and chill out!

Chic Start: Carob, Rst Chicory and Dandilion, Maca, Shatavaria, Lucuma and Mesquite. This coffee substitute, tastes between a hot chocolate and coffee and has no caffeine. It is especially good for women (Shatavaria is also known as: woman with a thousand husbands!) but is also good for men!

Hot Superfood Cacao: Raw Cacao, Maca, True Cinnamon, Lucuma, Reishi Mushroom, Mesquite. - A delishious drink served with steamed milk or water! 

Our Pantry Bulk Products